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Join us for the sweetest event of the year and fight animal cruelty with cupcakes!


It's so easy to be a part of this delicious event:


1. Register

Click on the Register Now button and fill in your details to let us know who you are


2. Fundraise

Share your fundraising page with family and friends and raise money for the animals


3. Bake cupcakes

Host a cupcake party at home, work or school and bake lots of delicious treats for your guests


4. Sell cupcakes

Ask your guests for an online or cash donation 


5. Donate money

Your hard-earned money will be used to help animals in your region

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Top Fundraisers
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If you have any questions about Cupcake Day. Please don't hesitate to contact our friendly fundraising team on (09) 256 7312 or cupcake@spca.org.nz